If you run a unit with one hose on it, you will most likely get some negative air pressure in the room you are trying to cool. This means that air surrounding your room is trying to come inside the room, and often times that air is hot.

So if at all possible, try to arrange it so make-up air is pulled from the coolest source possible. This means closing off all possible air leaks and perhaps leaving a basement door slightly opened. Or maybe if you are using the unit in an unconditioned attic, you have a small fan move air up from the conditioned area below.  When in the heat pump mode, sometimes it is best to draw air from a kitchen area. In all cases, it is best to seal up all cracks and leaks except for the area you want to draw air from.

With our pump kits, we have Growth Inhibitor that is meant to keep your drainage system operating smoothly and trouble free, however inside the machine (where the solution can’t go) it can clog rather easily.  Every so often, it is best to take the back of your machine off (or have a qualified technician do it, depending on what manufacture indicates), and clean the coils, pans, and air passages.  The frequency this happens depends on how dusty the environment is, if all the coils have filters in the machine, if microscopic plants have started to grow in the water and how much you use the machine.

Late September is the time we are expecting the insulation kits to be for sale on our website.

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